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When you first bought your carpet, remember how plush and attractive it looked? Sadly, carpets can easily wear out and trap a ton of dust, bacteria, and dust mites.
Even if you vacuum it regularly and it looks clean, the carpet may be harboring contaminants that pollute the quality of the air that you breathe in. Even a carpet that looks really clean may actually be much dirtier than you think. You need professional cleaning of the carpet to make sure that the fabric remains undamaged
you clean up the air that you breathe in
When you use JMManish Facility Pvt.Ltd carpet cleaning services in Bangalore, you can rest assured that our advanced machines and commercial grade cleaning materials will give your carpets as deep and thorough a wash as possible. Our technicians are fully trained to meet the highest standards of carpet cleaning.
Whether you need the carpet cleaned at your home or office, our carpet cleaners will come to your premises and get it done for you.


We vacuum and scrub the carpets with shampoo to remove stains. Carpet shampooing is the preferred method of most professional cleaners. A foamy chemical is evenly distributed on the carpet. We then use a motorized circular brush to scrub it in, and later clean out the foam. Carpet shampooing is excellent for low pile carpets that are heavily stained. We also use steam cleaning if the carpet is soiled and has trapped unpleasant odors. The process is also known as hot water extraction. Here, we inject boiling hot water into the carpet under heavy pressure. The steam and hot water loosen the dirt which the carpet cleaning machine immediately sucks away. Detergents are used for really dirty carpets. Steam cleaning is highly effective to remove all odors and to kill dust mites and bacteria. We recommend that you allow the carpet to air dry at least 24 hours before you start using it again.


We would say it depends on the amount of traffic that you carpet receives on a regular basis. All carpets must ideally be cleaned at least once a year. If the carpet does not receive too much footfall, you may go up to even 18 months between cleanings, but a quarterly cleaning is recommended for high traffic areas.